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The Millennium Chain

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“Grandma, I think your necklace is very beautiful!” "Later, when I'm gone, this one is for you," Grandma promised solemnly.  


When we sat in the circle during part III of the course 'Give your intuition a voice' , S. announced that her grandmother had recently passed away. It had been both a sad and a beautiful experience, she said. Sad that she had to say goodbye to her grandmother who was very dear to her. Beautiful, because through this experience she came to the deep realization that she wanted to enjoy more in her life. And she radiated that!


Some time later she couldn't find her way and she didn't know exactly why. She had scheduled an appointment for an online reading. By intuitively tuning into her energy field and naming what I was receiving, it became clear where it came from. “When your grandmother died, something in you was touched and from that moment on you started living more from your heart. Your energy was flowing and you felt good in your own skin. From your heart, without realizing this, you have slowly returned to your head. Not that you should completely turn your head off of course, but too much of it is not who you are and what suits you. By being too much in your head, your creativity will also be blocked, which makes you so happy. I feel the same at work. There, too, the balance between head, heart and creativity is not in balance. As a result, you can't really enjoy your work and it often costs you too much of your energy."


I gave her some tools so that she could fully experience and use that flow, that creativity again. Fortunately, during the session she felt her positive energy increase again and the quarters fell into place. “You have so much to offer creatively. Yet you ask yourself whether what you have to offer is valuable enough. You also find it difficult to spend time and money on your own development, as if you are not worth it.” She agreed to all this.  


After saying that, I felt S.'s deceased grandmother with me. She was only too happy to get involved in the consultation. Grandma passed on beautiful, detailed and clear evidence about her life, so that S. did not have to doubt her presence. Grandma saved the most important evidence for last.  


“She shows me a gold coin hanging from a gold chain. You inherited this from her. Oh wait, she corrects me. There is no gold coin on the chain! She wants to symbolically indicate that what she has left you is very valuable. It is a very special piece of jewelry, let me know, although unfortunately I can't get it at the moment, except for the round shapes of the pendant, how it looks in detail and what exactly she means by the word 'special.' I must say emphatically on behalf of your grandmother: You are worth it!!” A smile broke through on S.'s face. She started talking right away.


“Oh yes and this one is for you” , said Uncle M. when they had gathered with the whole family to divide Grandma's things. He bent over, took a box from Grandma's drawer, opened it and handed it to S. “For me??!! ”A little taken aback, she took the jewelry box from him. “Bought by grandma a long time ago as a memento of the millennium year” , explained Uncle M.. S. carefully took the piece of jewelry out of the box. A gold chain with a beautiful pendant gleamed at her. “The necklace and pendant are made of white and 18 carat gold and there are three diamonds in the pendant  processed” , she heard Uncle M. say in a haze. She looked from the necklace to the receipt still in the box. The price didn't lie. 'Why does this necklace go to me and not to one of my aunts, they have much more right to it?', went through S.. It was clear that she had completely forgotten both the memory of the necklace and Grandma's promise.  


“At the time you told grandma that you liked her necklace so much, to which grandma replied that it would be yours later” , explained S.'s mother when she saw her bewildered face. “I've completely forgotten that” , stammered S. “And you know what's so special” , added Uncle M.. “The necklace was stolen at the time. She didn't want to break her promise to you, so she bought it again, just for you."  S. looked again from the necklace to the box with the receipt, which clearly showed a number with three zeros before the decimal point. 'Spent such a large amount for the second time ,' she thought, 'and that especially for me.' She was silent.  


S. told the story in scents and colours. Grandma could not have passed on more beautiful and clearer evidence to make S. realize that she is indeed valuable. S. felt this message sink deep into her heart. At the same time, after hearing this message, a weight was lifted off her shoulders, namely the guilt towards her aunts. She was worth it! After the reading, the necklace took on an even deeper meaning for S. than it already had.


A week later, she reported that she was so happy, full of energy and looking forward to the upcoming creative courses she had on her agenda, consciously selected for her own development. She had attached a beautiful drawing that, with a few additional words, depicted how she would like to see and feel herself, now and in the future.


The deceased grandmother of S. knew better than anyone what S. needed at that moment, as well as what evidence was needed to make her feel this deep inside. How special it is to experience that the spirit world is so intensely involved with us.