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Image by Kristijan Arsov

Demonstration Mediumship


During a demonstration mediumship, short contacts are

made with the spirit world. It is the spirit world that decides

who is contacted during a demonstration. So no spirits are "called up."

The process cannot be influenced.


In the contact that arises and the evidence that will be given our loved ones have

the possibility to share their energy and give the information they want to give to us. Using

it not only for the proof of survival but also to lift up the energy and bringing consolation to the

grieving soul.

Evidence is, for example, the relationship to the recipient, specific character traits, cause

of death, important dates, shared personal memories and other life experiences they have had on earth.


In addition to these evidences, healing can take place. Such as unfinished business that maybe needs attention.

After some explanation there is more understanding for what has happened on earth. Also expressions of

gratitude towards the recipient can be something  really important for a loved one in the spirit world to share

with the recipient when there was no possibility to expres that on earth anymore. These moments of sharing experiences have a huge healing effect for both the recipient and the deceased. They can provide

comfort in grief, but also often provide joyful and sometimes downright funny moments of recognition.


Our deceased may no longer be part of our existence in physical form, but they still are

able to share their thoughts, memories and emotions with us and will always be there to support us with a big

heart full of love. and understanding.

When I get through sensitive or confidential information, I will not just share it in the group. However, I will

make it clear in a subtle way that more is going on, or has played. Usually the recipient knows exactly what it is

about, without any details being released. Should there be the need to delve deeper into the subject it can always be done in a private consultation.



Demonstration Mediumship



" Every time it is a miracle to be able to work with the spiritual world. It is a world full of joy, strength, light and love. It is my passion to be able to pass on their gifts in the field of healing, communication, knowledge and wisdom ."


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