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From an early age, Manon experienced the spirit world around her. Without knowing the ins and outs of this field, she intuitively knew that they were special. Looking back, she always felt a kind of connection and emotional protection that made her feel safe at the time.

Manon - 7 years old

About Manon

Out of body experience

During an "out of body" experience that occurred in her teens, she was shown glimpses of the unseen world in all its forms and facets. A similar experience, only more intense, repeated itself in her college days.

"Both experiences were special moments that left an unforgettable impression. Through these experiences I developed my own vision of the unseen world and life after death without being influenced in this from outside." 

Raised in a musical family, Manon started studying at the conservatory at the age of 18. First as an oboist and later as a classical singer. After completing her studies, she spent years working passionately in the music business.

Source of connection

& inspiration

"When rehearsing an opera role, the challenge is to sing from your own emotional experience, while at the same time the focus must also be on the music and singing technique as well as empathizing and portraying the character and emotions of the character to be interpreted.


Often during this process I felt a connection and inspiration behind me that was not understood by me at the time. Now I realize that it was these experiences that naturally developed my mediumship without my being aware of it at the time."




During Manon's work as a singer, her past spiritual experiences remained clear in her mind. She remained attracted to this field. The blood runs where it cannot go and she decided to study mediumship alongside singing at the renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, where she developed under the guidance of leading mediums. Mediumship not only became her passion, but at the same time felt like a calling.


"The years that followed I researched and learned as much as I could in the field of mediumship. Not only did it bring more knowledge and experience as a medium, but at the same time I underwent a transformation myself. This whole process, especially in the beginning, involved trial and error. Until after a few years at a certain point you start to experience that step by step awareness and growth has taken place, which you can then start using in all areas of daily life."


After graduating from Gordon Smith's School of Intuitive Studies Advanced, Manon has now been working as a medium herself for many years, giving lectures, consultations and demonstrations both at home and abroad.

It is Manon's passion to pass on to others the knowledge she has gained so far. Enabling people to become aware of how they can get closer to their power and sensitivity, as well as developing or tempering their mediumistic abilities gives them self-confidence, hope, wisdom and strength in a natural way.


When necessary, Manon uses her stage experience during classes when students tend to clam up in case they "have" to stand in front of the group. Also if a student is too much in the head during a mediumistic contact, instead of becoming the character as much as possible and getting into that flow, is what she likes to work on during a mediumship demonstration workshop.


Outside of her work in her own practice, Manon is a medium at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh.

“Seeing the natural intuitive and mediumistic abilities that every human being possesses blossom, accompanied by the corresponding personal development, is what makes this whole process so special and fascinating."


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