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 Goal Oriented Coaching Pathway



During the intuitive consultation, awareness has arisen about your talents, but also about deeply rooted patterns that cause you to run into the same kinds of events time and time again.


With your mind you now understand which patterns have been poured in with the spoon and how other patterns have been able to develop from them. You are happy with your

'aha - experiences are eager to make positive changes in your life.

However, after trying it yourself for a while, you may find that your patterns are more persistent than you thought. That all those years of 'practice' have made you very good at this, that you can now reap the benefits. It's just not the fruits you're waiting for. Not fun of course, but the positive thing about this is that it becomes clear that:


  • Patterns can create a/your truth; 

  • You can replace your PERSONAL deeply rooted (self) limiting thoughts with new positive thoughts; 

  • These new thoughts and patterns become your NEW TRUTH;

  • You come out more conscious and powerful.



So are you in the phase: 'I want so badly but I don't know how', or 'I was just as good, now I'm back to square one.' 'That happens to me every time.' Then know that you are not the only one struggling with this. You can do something about this! In the 1 on 1 sessions we will change this. How?




  • Give a basic explanation of how your energy field works;

  • Explain why patterns can create a truth;

  • Helping you establish your personal intention and your number 1 goal; 

  • Unraveling your (self) limiting thoughts;

  • Targeted exercises; 

  • Action planning

  • meditations;

  • Affirmations;

  • Visualizations;

  • Intuition

  • And much more.  


All this under personal guidance. As an extra tool, I will use my intuition, so that a deeper layer can be touched, which benefits the entire process.


What you can expect after following the full course.


By fully following this tailor-made step-by-step process, you will notice that you get more energy, that you open up more, your self-confidence grows, you can make choices more easily, you will shine more, that you will start living in the way that suits you. fits, that your fears are fading more and more and that old patterns return less and less to disappear from your system at some point. If you run into things again in the future, which of course happens to everyone, do you have the tools to deal with it.


Often these changes are also noticed by your environment without you having to make any effort. This is meant to be a natural process, created from within and not unnaturally forced from the outside. If you have a dream in mind that has not yet been fulfilled, if it is realistic, there is the possibility to pay attention to that too. 

Do you feel like it? I do! I myself have experienced how liberating it is to step out of that too small jacket. I would like to pass this experience on to others.

Important to know! This training is not vague and does not contain a magic wand! Besides the 1 on 1 sessions you will also receive exercises and you can work with them yourself at home. So it takes effort and discipline. And… that's pretty nice, because working on yourself in a positive way with powerful exercises gives a good feeling and ensures the CHANGE you want to see in yourself.


After the sessions:


The great thing about this trajectory is that you can independently, by means of the tools you have been given, implement any new challenges yourself and you do not have to remain forever dependent on a therapist or coach. Except for very serious events. So you will benefit from this for LIFETIME. If you still want to spar about a certain topic after going through all the sessions, that is of course always possible.


Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to work on yourself and your future? Then make an appointment for a free intake interview.





3 sessions   THE FOUNDATION   á 75 minutes per session | €257.00


3 sessions   THE CONSTRUCTION   á 75 minutes per session | €257.00


3 sessions   THE STRENGTHENING   á 75 minutes per session | €257.00



* The sessions can only be taken in pairs of three.


After each session you will receive a report with what was discussed in that session, such as your personal affirmations, goals and of course the exercises themselves.


"I found it very nice and valuable to be able to go through this process under your intuitive guidance.


It has brought me more than I dared to hope for.


What has helped me the most outside the exercises and assignments is your ability to read my energy, my aura, without me having to put it into words. This allowed me to really trust you and open myself up.


My basic mood has improved by leaps and bounds. I now dare to trust in the strength and qualities in myself. I also linger less in my 'lesser' moments."

caroline g.

"I found the sessions very inspiring. The mix between practical tips, exercises and personal feedback formed a beautiful whole.

It was, in combination with your peace and kindness, very nice to become extra aware again and to connect with the power of my thoughts, my energy field and my intuition. This literally makes my soul "blossom."

The strength of the sessions also lies in the fact that you let me experience your talent as a medium. Which further piques my interest.

I definitely feel the power when I'm doing the exercises. That makes me feel happier and lighter.

I will work with everything I have experienced, knowing if there are any questions, I can knock on your door in view of the further offer you have.

The messages you gave me in the last session were very special and of great value to me. I feel them deep inside and it really touched and released something.

Many thanks for that!"





"You have brought me back in touch with myself and with sides of myself that I did not give ample scope for. Now that I give my sensitive, creative and spiritual side more attention and space, I feel connected to myself and to a greater whole again.


When I started with you I had depressive symptoms. I had already started to move a bit by reading certain books and picking up meditation again. Your practices and your energy have accelerated it. In that respect, I have the feeling that I have already achieved my goal. I have more energy, enjoy life and feel grateful and connected.


What I like about your coaching is that I don't have to say anything or very little. You intuitively tune in to me and you sense what I need. That makes it completely different from other coaching I've had."

Helen K.

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