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Spirit Healing

In my opinion, all forms within mediumship are intended to heal people. Whether you receive physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing, everything leads to the same goal; namely that we feel healthy and happy, that we are in balance as much as possible and feel connected to ourselves and the world around us.


While during consultations the work is more on a verbally level, during a healing session silence and concentration on transferring the energy from spirit to the receiver is what you can expect. A healing through the laying on of hands as well as a trance healing (working in the auric field) is always experienced as special and difficult to translate it in words. The healing energy from the spirit world that goes through the healer to the recipient is most of the time strongly palpable. This healing energy has a different effect for everyone.


As much as I personally as a healer would like to heal everyone, unfortunately no promises can be made in advance about the outcome of a healing. It has to do with several aspects in which area a healing will take place. Some of those aspects lie with the receiver or with the healer itself, but there is also a part that we as healers have no influence on. We will never know with certainty the underlying reason why a healing works with one person and not with another, however they have the same complaint. As healers and recipients we need to accept that.


The job of the healer is that it is attuned to the spirit world as closely as possible, so that the healing energy can be transmitted purely and powerfully to the receiver.


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Image by Lina Trochez

Healing is understood to mean that the healer places two hands loosely on the shoulders, back or head of the recipient. In this way, the  healing  energy flows where necessary. It is also possible to work in the energy field of the receiver, so that physical touch is not necessary.

No diagnosis or medical advice is given.

Healing does not replace the treatment of a doctor.

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