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Consultations - Now also online consultations via ZOOM


In order to provide the purest possible consultation, it is important to share as little personal information as possible prior to the consultation .



Events that have happened in the past affect our lives today. Do you recognize that feeling of progressing in a way that you would like to? These events then possibly form a blockage and can cause us to encounter the same problems over and over again.

By tuning into your energy field I am able to see where these blockages have arisen, why and when. The insight obtained offers you the possibilities to move forward.

I will also look with you where your strengths and talents lie and how you can strengthen them.

With the new insights I hope to achieve that you can take another step forward on your life path in your own unique form.



During a consultation it is possible that a diseased loved one from the recipient wants to join for communication. It is important that the information given by the medium will be recognized by the sitter. Proofs of survival can be for example the relationship, cause of death, hobbies, work, shared memories, mannerisms and so much more. Also the energy behind the proofs can be of such importance for the sensitive sitter. It is not about just only recognize the proofs but feel the energetic presence of the spirit visitor. All this together will bring comfort and a knowing that loved ones from the spirit world are still around us. That they still want to support us, to give more insight in certain situations, or to stimulate to make a forward movement. It can also be they come forward to say a 'hello', they feel a deep need to apologize for something or they want to express their gratefulness to the sitter. 


My aim is to be of service what the spirit communicators want to express and therefore to pass on their proofs and needs. Knowing their intelligence I trust their guidance and the process behind it. 

Contact with the spirit world is not automatically heavy in a draining emotional way. On the contrary, it can also be a joyful 'reunion', accompanied by the necessary humor. Then there will be laughter, 'maybe through the tears,' when for instance they share comical events from the past which lifts us up by remembering that. After laughter they achieve a shift in the energy and the mindset from the sitter, hoping that because of that energy the sitter is able to see a glimp of positivity where he or she can build on for the future.


The rate for a private consultation is GBP 50,00 and takes approximately 45 minutes. The consultations take place in Harderwijk, or online via ZOOM.


Do you have any questions or would you like to make an appointment for a consultation? 

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