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Welkom bij Dari Cinta

Free Yourself & Blossom your Soul

Come as you Are!

My name is Manon Arnold and I work as a medium, teacher of intuitive and mediumistic development and give lectures on a voluntary basis about life after this life.


One-on-one you can contact me for a private consultation, a healing session and personal intuitive guidance. In groups I give demonstrations mediumship, as well as courses and day workshops in the field of intuitive and mediumistic development. 

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Drawing strength and knowledge from het universe and connecting to the spirit world is centuries old and a very natural thing. This connection is accessible to everyone, no exceptions! Yet all too often I notice that it is not used. Who knows, this is because of the belief things to do alone, or a lack of knowledge about it. Sometimes a certain amount of fearlook around the corner, or you think this onegiftis for others, but not for you. 'Floaty' is also a term I often hear when this subject comes up. These thoughts, who know formed by a previous negative experience, are very understandable in some cases. Unfortunately, the whole subject is immediately pushed off the table. That's a pity, because development in this area can bring you so much.


It's my passion to let you experience that life from your intuitive abilities and in to connect with the spirit world  doesn't have to be floaty. That fear is really not necessary and that you can do this on a sober,naturalandlovingway to learn to develop. It has transformed my life. I wish you the same. I would like to share my knowledge, insight and experience with you so far.

"To let people experience that there is more between heaven and earth. That both living from intuitive abilities and being connected to the unseen world can give hope, comfort, joy, (self)confidence and strength in daily life is what I experience as my calling."

One to one services

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Meisje in therapie
Image by Unseen Studio


Private Consultation

Coaching Pathway

By laying on of hands and letting the healing energy flow where necessary, is what happens in a healing session. This energy does not come from within me. I connect with the universal energy as well as with the energy of the spirit world. These in turn take care of the further process. I am just the channel.


Healing does not replace the treatment of a doctor!

Are you not progressing the way you would like and you don't know exactly where this comes from? Or do you want to gain clarity in an existing situation, so that you can consciously change course? By using my intuition and reading your energy field, your process will become clear to you.

Losing someone you loved dearly and then having to go on living without that loved one is a difficult task. In this private consultation I open myself to the spirit world, so that communication with a deceased loved one is possible.

In this coaching trajectory consisting of 9 sessions of 60 minutes. Let's get started together to tackle your negative beliefs and uncertainties. These beliefs can be so persistent that you are confronted with them over and over again. It comes at the expense of your daily cheerfulness.


By means of exercises and assignments we will make your limiting beliefs belong to the past as quickly as possible, so that there is room for a new happy, positive, powerful and flexible mindset. 


In the sessions I also use my intuition, so no precious time is lost.



Blossom your Soul evenings - Dutch spoken

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Drie Meditatie Avonden  |  Tijd:  19.30 - 20.15

  • 13 mei - Innerlijke Kracht - Q&A

  • 10 juni - In verbinding met de Geestenwereld - Q&A

  • 08 juli  - Zelfhealing - Q&A

Deze avonden zijn GRATIS te volgen. 

"Why shouldn't a miracle be a miracle just because the other doesn't see it"

Arthur Japin

Intuïtieve & Mediamieke Scholing


Basiscursus Intuïtie & Reading

How do you deal with your sensitivity? Are you aware of how intuition works exactly for you? Do you want to learn to read the energy of the other? In the basic course in intuition and reading you take the step from unconscious to conscious intuitive life.

Basiscursus Mediumschap

Do you want to learn how the spirit world communicates? Do you want to deepen this contact and understand their language? In this basic course you will take the first steps on this special path of communication with the spirit world from connection.


In a day workshop you will actively work with a specific theme within intuition or mediumship. Deepening your knowledge and skills within that theme brings (personal) growth and awareness within the area in which you want to develop

 'Geef je intuïtie een stem'  

 'In verbinding met de Geestenwereld' 


“ Every time it is a miracle to work with and for the Spirit World. It is a world of power, light, pure consiousness and endless love. It is my passion to pass on their gifts of healing, communication, knowledge and wisdom with others who are in need.”




That life goes on after physical death is for me a  real experience. Although people can only glimpse the world in which the deceased lives to a certain extent and many question marks remain, also for mediums!, I think it is important not to fill in these question marks in a 'floating' way. I do understand that everyone speaks from his or her own experience. Sending messages from honesty, respect and love, for both the spirit world as the person who gets to receive the message is what I always strive for.

Should we leave the dead alone? I don't call them. They come of their own free will. Just as you have your own free will to associate with someone, you are free to believe or not believe in life after death or do something with the information that is passed on.

Teaching in intuition and mediumship is in my heart. This development brings so many beautiful things with it. Whether you want to use this to get started as a medium yourself or whether you prefer to keep the knowledge learned to yourself, the personal development that you undergo when you embark on this path and the wealth that you gain from the connection with the other side is what I describe as very valuable and special.  

     Is something holding you back, but you don't know what?

     Do you have experiences with the spirit world and do you have questions about it?

     Would you like to develop and deepen your intuition and/or mediumship? 

Deze lezing wordt gegeven op vrijwillige basis!

'Leven na dit leven'

At the theme meeting 'Life after this life' I will share my personal experiences and the experiences from my practice in the form of a lecture. Underlying information is also shared about how contact with the unseen world is established and how you can connect more yourselfstand with your departed loved ones."

Stories from private readings



Stories inspire, they can provide comfort. After reading a story you can be taken in its beauty.


Who knows, one of these stories might just have something you need, from which you can get support.


Hopefully a smile will break through your face after reading it and you will realize: 'If I open up and connect with that other side, there is always help.

Dear reader,


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Free Yourself and Blossom your Soul


"You are born for a reason. You are here on this planet to be

yourself. Be proud of your Soul's journey. Never ignore Her, never

let Her stand alone, never turn your face away from Her. Because

She can guide you through your life experiences. She understands

you as no one else. Work together as two best friends who are in total trust of each other. And so your life will Blossom and your

Soul will shine."

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