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Thank you for taking a look at my website. I'm Manon Arnold. It is my passion to make people shine and make them  to feel powerful , happy, comforted, loved and free in a natural way . I feel the joy flowing through me when I experience that through a consultation , a  healing , a  coaching session or a  group meeting  the inner strength in someone comes to full bloom and as a result new positive steps can be taken towards a certain goal.


It's wonderful to feel free . That from there arises the courage to let go  see who you are, what you stand for and what you really want. That you know how to create a positive life based on a natural trust based on newly learned insights.


Would you like to experience this?  then know that  you don't have to go through this process alone. I'm behind you!



Draw strength and knowledge from the  universe and connect to the spirit world  is centuries old and a very natural thing. This connection is accessible to everyone, no one excluded! Yet all too often I notice that it is not used. Who knows, this is because of the conviction things  having to do it alone , or a lack of knowledge about it. Sometimes there comes a degree of  fear look around the corner, or you think this is a gift that is reserved for others, but not for you.  'Swifty' is also a term I often hear when this subject comes up. This thought, perhaps formed by a previous negative experience, is in some cases very understandable. Unfortunately, this immediately pushes the whole topic off the table. That's a shame, because development in this area can bring you so much.


It is my passion  to let you experience that  connection with the spirit world  and with the bigger picture does not have to be vague. That fear of this is really not necessary and that you can do this on a  sober , natural and loving way you can learn to develop. Are you up for this challenge? Nice! The combination of inner strength,  combined with the power of the spirit world and the big picture has transformed my life. I give you the same. I would like to share my knowledge, insight and experience with you so far.

Free Yourself and Blossom your Soul

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Free Yourself

Deep down, we have one thing in common. We like to feel harmonious and happy. Due to personal problems, self-limiting thoughts, certain events or the loss and lack of a deceased loved one, you can sometimes feel far removed from that feeling of happiness. You want to make a change to free yourself from that straitjacket, but you lack a starting point from which to start or a direction to work towards. I can help you further by means of a:

If you want to read more about this, scroll down. I'd be happy to help you. 


One to one services

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By laying on of hands and letting the healing energy flow where necessary, is what happens in a healing session. This energy does not come from within me. I connect with the universal energy as well as with the energy of the spirit world. These in turn take care of the further process. I am just the channel.


Healing can take place on a mental , emotional , spiritual and physical level. In most cases, healing will mainly take place on one of the first three points mentioned, before any physical change is noticeable or possible.


Healing does not replace the treatment of a doctor!

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Private Consultation

Are you not progressing in the way you would like and you do not know exactly where this comes from?


Past events have a major impact on your life now. They can create a blockage and cause you to encounter the same problems over and over again. You may not know where this blockage originated.  


By using my intuition and using it to 'read' your energy field, I can help you gain clarity. Your talents and possibilities are also discussed.  Talents are there to be shared. It would be a shame if these could not be expressed through built-up blockages.

Losing someone you loved dearly and then having to go on living without that loved one is a difficult task.


You miss your loved one and you would love to have contact again about how he or her is doing now, you may wonder what he or she thinks about how you have picked up your life again. It also happens that the band was less positive and that you are left with question marks and unresolved issues.  

If a deceased person is present and would like to communicate, it is always of their own free will. I do not invoke anything and rely on the natural process.  


A single simple proof is sometimes enough to return home with a smile of emotion and joy. Knowing that your loved one has not disappeared into thin air and has a consciousness that you can communicate with is very healing.


It remains a miracle every time to feel this energy in space and to share the evidence they want to pass on with the recipient.

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Coaching Pathway

In this coaching trajectory consisting of 9 sessions of 75 minutes we will work together on your  negative beliefs  to tackle hard. These beliefs can be so persistent that you are confronted with them again and again. It ensures that your goals are not or only half achieved. Who knows, you may have completely lost your courage and these beliefs put a stamp on your daily cheerfulness.


Together we will work so that these limiting beliefs are a thing of the past as soon as possible and that there is room again for a cheerful, positive, powerful and flexible mindset.  


If you stick to the assignments, you will be amazed at the positive changes that occur during the beginning of the coaching process. It often happens that this new positive energy is spontaneously noticed by your environment.


Besides the exercises and techniques I also put my  intuition  so that no time is wasted investigating where exactly those negative beliefs come from. In other words, we can get started right away!

By means of the free introductory meeting , we can estimate from both sides whether this process will bring you what you hope for. This is to avoid disappointment.


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Blossom your Soul evenings

Take place on Monday evenings, where each time a different theme will be central.  


  • What does my highly sensitive child feel?

  • Tools for a positive mindset

  • The spirit world and the world of our spirit

  • Practice evening intuition / mediumship

  • Demonstration Mediumship

Coming soon!

Group Meetings

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 Develop your Intuition and  the connection with the SpiritWorld

“ Every time it is a miracle to work with and for the Spirit World. It is a world of power, light, pure consiousness and endless love. It is my passion to pass on their gifts of healing, communication, knowledge and wisdom with others who are in need.” 



That life goes on after physical death is for me a  real experience. Although people can only glimpse the world in which the deceased lives to a certain extent and many question marks remain, also for mediums!, I think it is important not to fill in these question marks in a 'floating' way. I do understand that everyone speaks from his or her own experience. Sending messages from honesty, respect and love, for both the spirit world as the person who gets to receive the message is what I always strive for.

Should we leave the dead alone? I don't call them. They come of their own free will. Just as you have your own free will to associate with someone, you are free to believe or not believe in life after death or do something with the information that is passed on.

Teaching in intuition and mediumship is in my heart. This development brings so many beautiful things with it. Whether you want to use this to get started as a medium yourself or whether you prefer to keep the knowledge learned to yourself, the personal development that you undergo when you embark on this path and the wealth that you gain from the connection with the other side is what I describe as very valuable and special.  

     Is something holding you back, but you don't know what?

     Do you have experiences with the spirit world and do you have questions about it?

     Would you like to develop and deepen your intuition and/or mediumship? 

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Triptych Intuition

In these three days you will strengthen your intuition by:

  • Refine the attunement and increase your inner space;

  • Recognizing and training your subtle senses;

  • Learn to interpret colors of the aura without having to perceive them with the physical eye

The triptych ends with a mini reading

where you are now and where you can grow to.

During these three days, attention is naturally also paid to personal development.

Everything in a safe environment where you can be yourself.


April 23 - May 21 - June 25  2022

10am - 4.30pm


Triptych Mediumship

In this triptych, the first steps are taken on how to connect with the spirit world and how this process works for you personally. After learning to enlarge your inner space from which communication takes place, the next step is to learn to interpret their language. This is also a personal process for everyone, in which I will guide you carefully. In this triptych you learn to place the deceased in such a way that it is clearly recognized by the recipient. In this way you can show that you are really in that connection and you prevent vagueness for yourself and the other person.  


All this without losing sight of the wonder of this!


The first steps on this path are accompanied by wonder and beautiful, special moments for  yourself. I always think about that with a smile.


In these three days you will work on:

  • Your personal power and your attunement to the spirit world

  • Learning to interpret their language as well as awareness through which channels this comes to you

  • Interpreting the message based on the evidence you receive

A safe environment is created where you can be yourself.


April 24 - May 22 - June 26  2022 

10am - 4.30pm




Now 1 on 1 coaching in the Heerlickheijd of Ermelo


Change your Mindset & change your life!

Stories from private readings



Stories inspire, they can provide comfort. After reading a story you can be taken in its beauty.


Who knows, one of these stories might just have something you need, from which you can get support.


Hopefully a smile will break through your face after reading it and you will realize: 'If I open up and connect with that other side, there is always help.

Dear reader,


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Upcoming Events

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Demonstration Mediumship

Sat 12 Febr 2022 - 8.30 pm

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Center | Edinburgh
Online demonstration in English

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Demonstration Mediumship

Sat 26 Febr. 2022 - 8.30 pm

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Center | Edinburgh
Online demonstration in English

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Demonstration Mediumship

Sat 19 March. 2022 - 8.30 pm

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Center | Edinburgh
Online demonstration in English


Other activities


Free Yourself and Blossom your Soul


"You are born for a reason. You are here on this planet to be

yourself. Be proud of your Soul's journey. Never ignore Her, never

let Her stand alone, never turn your face away from Her. because

She can guide you through your life experiences. she understands

you as no one else. Work together as two best friends who are in total trust of each other. And so your life will Blossom and your

Soul will shine."