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Intuïtie & Mediumschap |  De Basis

Ontwikkel je spirituele gaven

De Basis

Below you will find general information about the basic courses. If you want to go straight to the contents of this, click here:

In de basiscursus intuïtie en reading leer je;

Would you like to gain more knowledge of how intuition works for you personally? How can you use your intuition better for yourself? Do you want to strengthen your psychic abilities and learn how to distinguish the two from each other? Do you wish to connect more with the spirit world and take the first steps towards interpreting their language? 

Then the triptychs ' Give your intuition a voice'  and
' In connection with the spirit world'  will be an ideal combination. They flow smoothly into each other. In the triptychs you will be trained in both intuitive and mediumistic areas. You will  undergo an exciting development and will gain a lot of knowledge. An important part includes to master what you have learned to keep your feet firmly on the ground without losing sight of its wonder.

* When you have completed both triptychs you have laid a nice BASE from which you can follow the more specialized day workshops. 
* If you already have experience in the field of intuition and mediumship, it is possible to register directly for one of the day

The groups consist of a maximum of 12 participants.

 Courses and day workshops take place in The Netherlands 

Would you like to organize a course or day workshop in your area. Please send an email to: so we can work it out.

Self-development, training, self-discipline, enthusiasm, talent and positivity are important aspects to successfully develop the art of intuition and mediumship. If you run into any problems within the courses, please know that a safe environment
is created where you can be yourself. Solutions are also offered to overcome any blockages.

 dates triptychs 2022:

"Give your intuition a voice."

  • Part I: Sat 23 April 

  • Part II: Sat 21 May   

  • Part III: Sat 25 June 

Registration possible from now on

'In connection with the spirit world.'

  • Part IV: Sun 24 April 2022 

  • Part V: Sun 22 May

  • Part VI: Sun 26 June

 Registration is now possible 

Time: 10 am - 4.30 pm

Rate: €257 all in | Payment in installments possible

Course experiences

Martine Kennis  |  about the course 'Give your intuition a voice.'

"I have never experienced anything like the intuition course of Manon. Increasing my inner space in such a short time, that without long meditations and through exercises and also getting an immediate effect, I never expected. I am special impressed by the working method of Manon also the safety and the trust she managed to create within our group in the first 10 minutes already. This experience in combination with the good and clear structure of her exercises, made that after day one I immediately wanted more. I am completely surprised at the impact and the answers it has given me, which makes me appear a lot more confident and decisive, both at work and privately."

'Give your intuition a voice.'

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The Attunement Intuitive - I

This first part focuses on coordination. You learn to turn your intuition on and off. Besides theoretical explanation, there are also various exercises so that you can experience how your intuition works in this attunement. All this in a natural way. At the end of this day you will know how to consciously access your intuition. You will experience that 'a vague gut feeling' will give way to more factual information that you can use.


The Psychic Senses - II

Now that you are aware of how to activate your intuition and you have experienced in part I what it feels like to work with this in a natural way, in part II attention is paid to stretching all your paranormal senses. Those who were less active in Part I are challenged to work on this day. This way you learn to perceive their subtle language, resulting in more detail in your information. 


Colors in the aura - III

Our energy field, the aura, consists of different colors and layers. It is not necessarily necessary to be able to perceive these with the physical eye. You can feel a color and then intuitively tune in to what this  color has to say. You will work on the meaning of, the feeling in the colors as well as in which layer they are located (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) in part III. This part ends with a mini reading by Manon. 

Time: 10 am - 4.30 pm

Rate: €257 all in | Payment in installments possible

'In connection with the spirit world.'

Boogmuur met gordijn

The attunement Mediamiek - IV

In part IV you will learn to tune in to the spirit world. From there, you take the first steps within mediumship, under supervision. Clairsentience plays an important role in this part. It is the basis for creating a beautiful connection. You will learn to feel whether there is a man, woman or  child with you from the spirit world, what relationship there is with the recipient and the character traits he or she had here on earth. Furthermore, in this first lesson you will work in a natural way, so that the energy can flow freely. 

Ontwerp zonder titel.jpg

Spotlighting the Evidence - V

Evidence is important in mediumship. This way the recipient knows who it is. The message therefore reaches the right person. Evidence can be understood to mean: hobbies, way of death, work, birthday, specific physical characteristics, etc. On this day all paranormal senses are used, so that more depth can be created within the evidence. How beautiful it is if you can place the deceased in such a way that the recipient no longer has to doubt his or her presence.


The Message - VI

In this part, apart from the evidence, we mainly work with the message. Evidence is not only used to prove the survival of the soul. A deceased person may choose to pass on some specific piece of evidence to imply that he or she knows that the recipient is in a similar process. When that energy is picked up, a loved one can feel close again. The 'hidden' healing message behind the evidence is what you will tackle in this last part. 

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Rate: €257 all in | Payment in installments possible

Lege Gebedsruimte

Why  Manon teaches intuition, mediumship and healing?


  "It is my passion to make people feel the energies with which intuition, communication with the spirit world and healing go hand in hand. Once you have experienced this, you want nothing more than to take this energy with you and use it in your daily life. Also the enrichment that it brings on a personal level is so huge."

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