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Wat voelt min hoogsensitief kind?

What does my highly sensitive child feel?

Do you recognize the following characteristics in your child:

  • a

  • B

  • C

  • d

As a parent(s), do you find it difficult to put yourself in the shoes of this because you experience it differently yourself? Or maybe you'll find out that you actually recognize these characteristics yourself. 

There is a good chance that you are dealing with a child with highly sensitive characteristics. Although these children zat  have talents, they are difficult to express (especially at school). It can be quite a quest to understand your child and get the best hair out for him. The first thing is that you can really put yourself in your child's shoes by experiencing it yourself. That you are completely open and experience what that is like and what can come to you. Somewhere I read the title 'its all a matter of energy. And indeed it is. The talent that this child possesses, but also the burden that it can sometimes bear is in the layout of the aura, of the energy field around the   child. This one is so refined that everything enters, feels what the other feels, etc.

This evening is intended for primary school children. That you will experience their attunement by increasing your energy through exercises. you will notice that you are more open and receive more information. You also learn to bring this increased energy back to 'normal.' You will be given tools to guide your child in this and to make them stronger without losing their talent and having to numb them against their nature. 

The evening will look like this:

Theory about the energy field

Exercises in which you can experience yourself

Questions and Answers

Part II of the evening will consist of other resources that can help calm your child to recharge.

The Sensitive Child Feng Shui

The Sensitive Child: Color

The Sensitive Child: Antoprosophy

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